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Hi I'm Nicolette, Italian and madly in love with a great guy that I love with all my heart, he keeps me going, and I couldn't be happier waking up every morning to his beautiful face, thank you for all the love you've given me, to a lifetime of happiness with you baby. I am an eighth generation Circus performer, I love what I do, aerial is my life and I'm very blessed to have the career that I have. Travel the world with my family doing what I love, I couldn't ask for more.Visit us on or To see what I do. I love my family they are my support and are always there for me when I need them. My sister Elayne, she's the best, we've been through everything together and really the only person that truly gets me. My pets I have 10 Boston Terriers and an adorable Chihuahua "Tequila" on Dec 3rd 2012 Marley gave birth to 4 beautiful baby bostons and I love them to death, please check out our facebook page, "Fornasari Comedy Matadors" for updates and photos of our cute little guys! My life is filled with great things, I'm a very lucky and happy to have everyone I have in my life. My page is quite random I have lots of different things on it, so I hope you enjoy it. -Nicolette
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